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How To Draw Out A Boil

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how to draw out a boil
have an ingrown hair on my vulvar, wont go away, very swollen, pus and painful. what can i do to make it go?

shaved my vuva and got an ingrown hair. it became itchy, so i began to scratch it. now it has become swollen, has pus like a boil, and it is really really sore. i have used magnoplasm on a bandaid to try to draw out the pus, but it still hasnt gone. it has been there about a week now, and isnt getting any better. please help, its embaressing, i havnt let my boyfriend go near me since it began, and i dont want to go to the doctor, as its humiliating. can you give me some advice to get rid of it? i popped the head of it, which released some pressure, but now blood is just coming out. it is really hard and sore around the edges, and throbs. i cant sleep on my stomach because it is constantly hurting. i have had a boil once on my arm, and this is like a smaller one. how long untill it goes? should i just keep putting magnoplasm on it? is there anythin else i can do for it to go? please help!!

go to doctor…

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Magnesium Sulphate Paste BP 50G

Magnesium Sulphate Paste BP 50G



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